Saturday, December 27, 2008

the best mouse for macbook and iMac running tiger or leopard

This article is not refer to one of the mouse product in the world. I only would like to share how confused I am finding the best apple mouse. I just imagine the mouse for macintosh must be :

1. wireless bluetooth
It surely can save your usb port that was given by steve only two. The another difficulty will also appear if you now have new macbook aluminum. You must be very difficult to plug both thing : usb flash disk and usb mouse. The distance between two usb port was so close, resulting one of its peripherals could not plug properly.

2. right click
Although a secondary click or right click was unfamiliar on mac os 8 and 9, but for mac os X, right click was completely needed. The button for right click must be clear and gentle enough to avoid annoying clicking accident. The mouse with over sensitive also annoying mac user.

3. responsive
Once you move with the mouse, the cursor must follow your movement and it adjustable with your style.

4. easy to open and clean, or easy maintenance
It is impossible using the mouse with always keep the hand clean. We usually work with the mouse in hours and consequently, the mouse easy to get dirty. The mouse with the difficulties to clean is so terrible.

5. take over all of tiger and leopard function
Many shortcut in mac, so, the mouse should have ability to control this function such as dashboard, spaces, front row, and other shortcut.

Why I do not choose apple wireless mighty mouse?
1. It is so expensive and unbelievable price for me
2. Too sensitive clicking
3. Easy to get dirty and very difficult to clean it (especially on the track ball part)

There is another bluetooth mouse such as Microsoft notebook presenter. Why I did not chose this one?
1. This mouse did not synchronize with mac. Many button on it but, not all of the button work well on mac
2. You still need bluetooth dongle to operate much more function. It means, one of your port will be employed by this peripheral

Until now, I am still think, which is the best mouse for my mac.


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